Our history


Located in central Namibia, one of the driest countries in Africa, Windhoek lives under the constant threat of a water shortage. In the Namibian capital, which is home to 350,000 people, every drop counts. So in 1968 the municipality built the Goreangab wastewater recycling plant. 

Windhoek became the first city in the world to produce drinking water directly from the municipal wastewater. For over 30 years this unique solution has provided an additional source of water for the population.

Due to the fact that all naturally available water sources in the around Windhoek have been fully harnessed, the New Goreangab Reclamation Plant was completed in 2002 and comprises the latest available proven water treatment technology. This was done in order to ensure the total utilization of available effluent from domestic wastewater to ensure the security of water supply for the future.
The new plant has been based on extensive experience (30 years), research done locally, and on input from international experts to assure the compliance to the strictest water quality guidelines applied internationally.